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Product Features
Define your repayment
MoneyMonkey put ourselves into your shoes to let you define the most suitable monthly repayment according to your financial status.

Money Monkey 彈性還款期
Flexible repayment schedule
MoneyMonkey believes that the repayment schedule should not be regulated by the number of years, and we are happy to break through the rules and let you enjoy the flexible repayment schedule. Why the repayment schedule must be bound by 12, 24, 36 months? Based on your customized repayment amount, we could calculate the shortest repayment period and reduce the interest you pay.
Lower interest
We strive to lower our interest rate by reducing unnecessary costs with solely online services and without any branches.
Simple procedures
Our loan procedures are quick and easy. Money can be received instantly after agreement confirmation.
Fully online
We offer a one-stop online loan service that allows you to borrow money without going out.
提前還款 絕無罰息
Early repayment without penalty
We welcome clients to repay earlier without penalty or handling fee.
Case Study:
Marcus wants to borrow
for wedding
He could only afford
as monthly repayment
Lender A provides a loan with monthly repayment
Tenor is 36 months
Money Monkey 貨款計劃
MoneyMonkey based on Marcus's monthly budget of $4,000 to tailor made a plan for him
with repayment period of only 28 months
it substantially save him $4,207 interest
Lender A
Option 1 Option 2
Tenor 24 Months 36 Months
Interest Rate 8.50% 9.50%
Monthly Repayment $4,545
Total Interest Expense -- $15,318
Tailor-made Plan
Tenor 28個月
Interest Rate 8.88%
Monthly Repayment $3,967
Total Interest Expense $11,085
Why MoneyMonkey's flexible repayment and tenor could help you save more?
Comparing the above cases, if Marcus borrows $100,000 from Lender A, the monthly repayment amount of $4,545 in 24-months which will exceed his monthly repayment limit of $4,000, so he can only choose a 36-month repayment plan. As the repayment period is longer, the interest rate is also higher, Marcus has to pay more unnecessary interest as a result.
On the other hand, if he applies for a personal loan at MoneyMonkey, we will calculate the shortest repayment period based on Marcus's own repayment ability of $4,000. The repayment period can be any month within 6-48 months. The repayment period is shorter and can bring two major benefits. Firstly - low-interest rates, because the shorter the repayment period, the interest rate is generally lower; secondly - lower total interest, because Marcus does not need to repay the extra months that are actually unnecessary for him.
Personal loan Calculator/Interest Calculator
Loan AmountHK$5,000 - HK$ 300,000
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Assume APR is 5.00%-30.00%,and only for reference, MoneyMonkey reserves the final decision.

Loan Amount HK$5,000 - HK$ 300,000
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6 Months
48 Months
Monthly Repayment:
$2,216 - $2,669
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Assume APR is5.00%-30.00%,and only for reference, MoneyMonkey reserves the final decision.

Money is not the ultimate goal, but dream is!
MoneyMonkey understands that everyone has different life goals and dreams to achieve, and we hope to be your dream booster to help you fly higher and further!
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