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MoneyMonkey Balance Transfer Plan

MoneyMonkey Balance Transfer Plan to give you another option for you to clear your card balance or consolidate your outstanding loans. We are happy to understand your financial situation and provide you with a more suitable plan;, You will be able to settle your card debts with a lower interest rate and a more flexible repayment period.
如If you want to know how MoneyMonkey's credit card settlement plan can help you settle your card balance, please call us and our team is happy to provide you with our professional advice.

Card settlement calculator

Please enter your card outstanding balance
Loan Amount HK$5,000 至 HK$ 300,000
Monthly Min Pay
Interest expense: HK$80,739
Monthly repayment: HK$2,255
Repayment period: 190months
Interest expense: HK$6,364
Monthly repayment:HK$1,174
Repayment period: 48個月
The calculation of card settlement above assumes that the actual APR of the credit card is 34.48%, and the actual APR of the MoneyMonkey balance transfer plan is 6.00%.
MoneyMonkey reserves all rights for the final approval
Product Features
We strive to lower our interest rate by reducing unnecessary costs with solely online services and without any branches
Lower interest
Unlike the credit card minimum payment which is calculated by compound interest, our card settlement plan is calculated in simple interest which is more straightforward and easy to calculate.
Simple interest structure
The repayment amount is fixed every month, so that client can ensure it is within his repayment ability.
Fixed repayment amount
The loan repayment period is much shorter than repaying minimum payment of credit card.
Shorter repayment period
From application to disbursement, the whole application process can be completed online.
Speedy approval
Have you ever thought about consolidating outstanding loans from different finance companies to reduce interest expenses? MoneyMonkey balance transfer loans can help you.
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